General terms and conditions

1. Jurisdiction

Palma de Mallorca

2. Handover of bike and equipment

The bike will be handed over to you clean and in perfect working order. After you have inspected it any damage will be noted on the contract.

3. Rental fee and deposits

We will only rent our bikes if you are able to show a valid DNI card or a driving license. The rental fee and a deposit of 50 € is to be paid in cash before we handover the bike to you.The deposit will be handed back to you when you return the bike and equipment in clean and good working order. In the event that the bike is returned before the date due in the contract, due to the weather or illness, this does not entitle a return of any of the rental fee.

4. Liability

After signing the rental contract you will be responsible for the bike and equipment. You are liable for any damages which are not caused by fair wear and tear. You must handle the bike and equipment with care and respect the guide for safe operation while using the bike in order to avoid damages. You will be responsible for any accidental or deliberate damages caused by you or any third parties as well as the theft of the bike and/or equipment. We are not responsible for any injury caused by our bicycles and equipment during the period of rental. Damage to the bike or equipment must be reported immediately. You will be charged for the cost of the repair to the bike and/or equipment

5. Robbery

It is your responsibility to secure the bike with a bicycle lock. During the night the bike must be stored in a safely locked room. In the event that the bike and equipment are stolen you will have to pay to replace them plus a two week rental fee to enable us to obtain replacements from our supplier.

6. Insurances

We recommend that you take out an insurance policy for liability and accidents.

7. Rental period

The rental day is between 10am and 6pm. If the bike is not returned on time we have the right to charge you excess rental until the bike is returned to us.

8. Helmet

You are responsible for ensuring you wear a helmet at all times and respect the Spanish highway code.

9. Loss of equipment

In the event you lose any equipment, you will be charged 10e for each item.

10. Return of bike and equipment

Please return the bike in a clean condition with your rental contract. Failure to clean the bike will result in a charge of 10 €.